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For the couple that requires that their wedding oozes floral finesse, drama & extravagance while still maintaining sheer elegance.

Using the highest quality faux flowers we have created lavish oversized floral arrangements & collections to dress your wedding tables, ceremonies & more. 

"Have you been searching through Pinterest, instagram or Google looking at all of the stunning weddings with their dramatic floral centrepieces, backdrops and ceremony decorations, thinking “Oh my god that’s what I want!” Only to start getting quotes for fresh flowers, like the ones in these photos, and thinking wow I never thought it would cost this much?


Rather than giving up on your wedding dreams, we have the solution.

Love Lavish specialises in the dramatic, the elegant but extravagant!

We offer the stunning oversized floral centrepieces and many other decorations & props (as well as beautiful bespoke stationery) that you see in these photos, only we do it with the highest quality silk flowers rather than fresh.


We do this for the couples that are dreaming of wowing their guests with multitudes of beautiful florals but don’t necessarily want to spend the sometimes-extravagant price tag that can come with fresh flowers.

This means you can hire your floral decorations rather than purchasing them because let’s face it what will you do with all those flowers after the wedding? Plus it means you can have flowers that would typically be out-of-season for your wedding and you can concentrate on enjoying your day and not worrying about your arrangements wilting or dying.


Now I know what you may be thinking… silk flowers don’t look like real flowers or they look cheap. And yes of course this can be the case but not with the faux flowers we use at Love Lavish.

We have spent years sourcing only the very best looking silk flowers and we can almost guarantee that 99% of your guests won’t suspect a thing. The other 1%? Well we can only assume that they are flower experts & work with freshly cut flowers in some capacity every day, but we are sure even they will be impressed!


We offer free no obligation consultations so you can come and see many of our hire items as well as our silk flowers & see for yourself the quality we offer for one of the most special days of your life.


We promise you won’t be disappointed.




We look forward to hearing from you!

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